How to play

These guides are here to help you get familiar with the ARPG! It can be intimidating starting fresh in a new space, so feel free to ask any member of staff for assistance if you require it!


There are some terms thrown around on the site that some newcomers may be unfamiliar with!

  • MYO slot - "Make your own" slot. This is an item that allows you to design a character and have it officially added to the website.
    • Also known as a "Character Slot".
  • ARPG - "Art Role-Playing Game". This term simply refers to how progress is made in the game, primarily through creating art!
  • FTO - "First Time Owner". Any user who has never owned a fenroo.
  • Non-Owner - Any user who previously owned a fenroo, but does not currently.

This guide is an introductory guide to new players, going over the basics of how to play!

This guide should introduce you to how prompts work, and how to submit them!

This guide goes through the steps necessary to make your fenroo official, or change how your critter looks!

This excerpt describes how pairing works for fenroo!