Guide: Prompts

NOTE: submissions can take up to 7 business days to be approved.

General Prompt Information

Below is some general information about prompts.

What are Prompts?

Prompts are themed art / writing quests and challenges that are geared towards developing your fenroo, whilst also providing you with in-game rewards!
Many prompts can also be completed as gift art, so you can earn game currency by drawing artwork for others.
Everyone is welcome to do prompts regardless of skill level. Prompts are not judged based on art or writing skill, we only check if they meet the minimum requirements!

What if I don't have a fenroo?

If you don't have a fenroo, fear not! You are welcome to use any NPC characters OR fenroo with gift art open!


Rewards depend on the prompt you are submitting, but, generally, prompts mainly reward in-game currency which can be used to purchase character slots, items, and other in-game things!

Rewards can be increased by following "criteria" / "bonuses" that are allowed on a prompt! All criteria can be viewed here.

What are criteria?

Criteria are extra currency bonuses awarded to submissions for a variety of reasons, such as drawing gift art or including multiple characters!

Minimum Submission requirements


  • Submissions should follow the prompt.
  • Submissions must be your work.
    • This means falsified submissions (e.g. made by other users, not made for the prompt, utilise AI, etc) are strictly forbidden.


  • Artwork must be full colour and show at least 25% of a character.
  • Characters must be recognisable.
  • You can stylize your entries in any way you want! Paintings, traditional art, chibis, and pixel art are all acceptable.


  • Must be a minimum of 300 words
  • Must be in English - dialogue or specific words can be in other languages as long as translations are provided somewhere on the submission.
  • Must be clearly about fenroo
  • Please make sure submissions are not blocks of text!!

TLDR: Follow the prompt, ensure it's your work, and make sure all characters are recognisable!

Submission FAQ

You can view the submission FAQ here!

AU Submissions

Fenroo do not cannonly have a human form, but you are allowed to submit art of them as humans for prompts! Guide coming soon.

How do I submit a prompt?

Prompts can be submitted through the prompts page, your submissions page, or by clicking the button below!
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