Welcome to Veld!

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Welcome to the official opening of the Fenroo ARPG!

Journey through the lands of Veld

Fenroos are a facultative bipedal species that inhabit the barren, desert-like lands of Veld.
With a deep history and fascinating societal structures soon to be revealed, Fenroos act as a testament to the durability of life in such a desolate environment.

The Fenroo ARPG officially commences!

I'm extremely excited to open this project, I have a lot planned and look forward to experiencing it alongside everyone!

To celebrate the official beginnings of Fenroo, we'll be raffling off multiple designs throughout this month!


To enter this raffle, share this post on social media!
(Twitter, Instagram, Toyhou.se, etc.)

You can share across multiple platforms for extra tickets! You can earn a maximum of 3 tickets.

To claim your tickets, submit a link to your social media post(s) here.

Get Started!

"And So Came The Rains" Event

Check out the event hub for the very first fenroo event!

Participate to be entered into raffles, earn rewards, and be part of the community!


Welcome Package

Head over to the Market to claim your free welcome package!


Get started with
the story of Veld!

Veld is currently covered in a thick smog that can only be alleviated with the help of the fenroo community.

Join the quarterly prompt where the recovery effort travels across Veld!


Participate in the Development of
the Fenroo Game!

Head over to the game to begin foraging, and follow along with development!



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