And so came the rains


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This event ends on August 1st at 00:00 UTC

After this time all event activities will close for submission!

The event shop & crafting will remain for an additional week after the event ends!

Join the Fenroo Discord for updates, discussions, and to mingle!


We have a handful of activities to help you get started in Veld!

You'll earn all the items you need to craft an MYO by completing the following prompts!
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If you don't have a fenroo, fear not! Feel free to use an NPC fenroo or any fenroo with gift art open!

Event Prompts

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Event Completion Rewards

Are you dedicated to the #grind?

Users who complete the following criteria will earn the following!

How to 100% the event:


A noble fenroo - their origins are still a mystery.


ARPGs for Pride

As a part of this event, Fenroo are participating in the ARPGs for Pride Fundraiser, alongside some familiar faces!

Users who donate to the fundraiser will receive a goody bag with some unique pets & ARPG rewards!

View the loot here!

...but not just for the Fenroo ARPG! You will also receive rewards in the following ARPGs (if you wish!)

  • Andrasians
  • Pouflons
  • Painted Relics
  • Keepers of Eniv
View the Form to Claim Here!


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