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Welcome to Fenroo!
Welcome to Fenroo!

Welcome to the Fenroo ARPG, a casual art game centered around exploring fenroo and their world!
Anyone is welcome to join the site, whether you have a fenroo, or are just getting started!

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Notice: This website is currently a work in progress, so please bear with us as we continue working on the site appearance and features!

Recent News

Recent News

Welcome to Veld!
Posted 1 month and 3 weeks ago || Last edited 1 month and 1 week ago

Welcome to the official opening of the Fenroo ARPG! Journey through the lands of Veld Fenroos are a facultative bipedal species that inhabit the barren, desert-like lands of Veld. With a deep history and fascinating societal structures soon to be revealed, Fenroos act as a testament to the du... Read more